Fragrant Harbour Towers Project, Hong Kong

Leo Leung, Student

It was great fun doing my tower project, because by taking photographs, doing drawings, and making maquettes, I already had lots of ideas about my final tower design. Indeed I had so many ideas that it was hard to make up my mind. So at the start of the realisation phase I was struggling, and trying to build all my ideas to see which one was best. After I had completed three and time was running out, I discovered that putting them all together was not a bad idea, and there was a possibility I could use them all in a small-scale model of a city centre development.

I decided to place my towers beside the harbour in Hong Kong. In the model, about a quarter of the area is sea, which I thought made a good balance between land and water. I used area planning to define the different purposes of the buildings (office towers, a hotel and flats; shopping centre, winter gardens and ferry terminals), and tried to make my city quarter an harmonious composition of towers, lower buildings, transport infrastructure and gardens.

Finally I decided on a name for my development. Hong Kong is a very crowded busy place, and my new quarter is designed to remind people how beautiful it is. So I have called it Fragrant Harbour, which is what the words Hong Kong or Xian Gang mean in English. 

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