Albert Smith, Communications Engineer

I moved to Panama City from South Korea. The moment I stepped off the plane, I could feel the warmth of the city, which gave me this overwhelming feeling of joy. I felt like I was finally in a place like home.

After a few weeks of getting settled in my job and new home, I was able to explore what has turned out to be a remarkable city and country, one in which I plan to retire. The city is full of life and its people are interesting and friendly. Everything is within walking distance. The nightlife is superb – cinemas and nightclubs and restaurants serving local cuisine as well as those of many other countries. I enjoy Sunday walks around the city and along the Bay of Panama. I also enjoy going to the Causeway, a place where you can see the ships waiting to transit the Panama Canal, a place to walk or cycle or have a cold tropical drink or just lie on the grass and enjoy the sun and the view of this beautiful city from afar.

Although Panama is not my native country, I feel as though I belong. I enjoy watching the sun rise on the Pacific, and the beaches are a short drive away. I especially like the black sand beaches, because it’s a rarity to see.

I am also fascinated with the Black Jesus statue that resides in the seafront village of Portobelo. Each year the people of Panama set out on a pilgrimage to visit the Black Jesus to pray for the sick, the less fortunate and to ask for blessings. They travel on foot mostly, from all over the country.

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