Wentworth Woodhouse, South Yorkshire

Daria Piotrowska, Pottery dealer

I come from a small town in South West Poland called Boleslawiec, which is renowned throughout the world for its hand production of ceramics and pottery. Some of my family have been working in the industry for years and so I learned everything about the trade, how everything was made from start to finish, and since I grew up there I had a full understanding of the culture and the people that produce this art. It’s important to us that every single item is made from natural ingredients (clay) and natural colourings (such as cobalt) which adds a human touch to every piece.  
Ten years ago, when we decided to move abroad, I chose South Yorkshire due to its high appreciation for agriculture, beautiful countryside and national parks so I knew the people here would appreciate our art more so than anyone. This is why I decided to start an independent business here which would allow me to bring beautiful handmade Polish pottery over here and share a slice of our culture and art with the people who can appreciate best.  

My job brings me great pride and joy because I have direct contact with every single customer that we deal with and I get to share my story with them and listen to their stories of this place we now call home.

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