All Change at the Academy of Urbanism

The Academy is about to embark on a new chapter in its life as major changes take place within our management structure with two long-serving executive members announcing their intentions to move on. 

Linda Gledstone, our Managing Director who has been the ‘face’ of the Academy for the past 15 years nurturing its steady growth, has decided to take a break from the daily work routine and consider her future options. 

Stephen Gallagher, who has been sharing his work week part-time between the Academy and Metrex, has accepted a more time-consuming role with Metrex which will bring to an end our part-time collaboration.

We are extremely grateful to both of them for their dedication, hard work and patience.  On behalf of the membership we wish them both well in their future roles and will arrange a suitable occasion when we might get together to celebrate their many achievements whilst with the Academy.  

Such a change is in many ways daunting but equally exciting as it will encourage us to shortly start the hunt for a new leader of our executive, someone who we hope will mould the Academy to reflect the interests of our widening membership and take the organisation into the next stage of its own adventure.