Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Wallace Erabu: Architectural Assistant

After completing my master’s degree in architecture at the Arts University of Bournemouth in 2020, I engaged in pro-bono architectural consultancy roles that led me on a voyage across the globe, discovering and exploring different cultures, ways of life, and amazing architecture far from my home country of Uganda.

Outside of Kampala and London, I have always considered Winnipeg my other home, the place where I spend most of my Christmas holidays with the family. Winnipeg’s weather is especially fascinating to me – extreme summers (+38C) and extreme winters (-40C). it’s strange how quickly one adapts to these changes. Winnipeg made me fall in love with the cold season: the landscape transforms into a winter wonderland.

Winnipeg’s West End is a vibrant culinary and cultural destination due to the waves of immigrants living there. The area features nearly 1,000 businesses, including more than 150 restaurants and amazing food markets. Standouts include Pho Hoang, Sargent Taco, the nationally acclaimed Feast (which is indigenously owned and operated), The Good Will Social Club and West End Cultural Centre for live music.

Saint-Boniface is the heart of Manitoba’s francophone culture and an outstanding spot for foodies looking for pastries, chocolates, coffee and French fare. I often visit Fort Gibraltar and Le Musée de Saint-Boniface for lessons in Métis (first peoples of Canada) and Manitoban history. Chocolatier Constance Popp remains a mainstay for unique Manitoba gifts, while visitors will relish dining at Promenade Café and Wine where the dining room looks out over the downtown area of the city.