Urbed, Manchester

David Rudlin AoU, Urbanist

My place is the place where I have spent more time in the last fifteen years than anywhere else. My perch at my desk on the top floor of an old textile warehouse in Manchester’s northern quarter – which is where we have our studio. It is just high enough to see over the rooftops of the neighbouring buildings and allows us to peer down into the surrounding streets. Within fifty metres we have everything we need, a bike shop and a bakery, two art supply shops, record shops, vintage clothes, a ping pong basement, and of course, scores of bars. Yet on a clear day, you could see the wind turbines on the distant moors until someone put buildings in the way.  

That will be the regeneration of Manchester swirling around the base of our building like an incoming tide. The streets that were dark and deserted fifteen years ago when we moved in are now lined with cafes,  bars, and the vacant upper floors have filled with creatives (like ourselves!). After all the talk of regeneration and urban renaissance, it is amazing to see a city come back from the dead and to have the privilege of watching it from my perch on high (when I should be working). 

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