Bias Ltd, Cold Bath Road, Harrogate

Sally Hindle, Owner

In my other life, I was Head Teacher of a tough mixed comprehensive school in South London. On my first day there a group of lads cornered me and said: “You might think you’re in charge here but WE RULE THE SCHOOL”. It took me years of blood, sweat, and a few tears as well, to convince them, OFSTED, and the local authority, that I and my staff ruled the school.

But the pressure was unrelenting and I began to feel that there had to be a way to earn a living and have some fun at the same time. When I was a little girl in Lanchester, our garden overlooked the main road. My sister and I would make melon seed necklaces and glasses of fruit squash to sell to passers-by from a stall at the garden gate. It was such fun, and I thought, ’why don’t I open a shop?’

There might not be much of a market for melon seed necklaces in Peckham, but it is now such a trending place that my first clothes shop, in Bellenden Road, was an immediate success. I have always been mad about clothes and I try to source really individual lines, particularly from Scandinavia, which people are not familiar with yet.

I suppose I have always had that entrepreneurial spirit since the days of my little stall in the garden, so no sooner had Bias become established in London,  I wanted to branch out, and what better place than Harrogate? And what better place in Harrogate than Cold Bath Road with its restaurants, cafes, antique shops and art galleries. We’re not the High Street, we’re refreshingly different, just like my fruit squash!

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