Murton Park, York

Dave Thirlwall, Director

I went to school at Temple Moor in Leeds, where I had a charismatic teacher of English who had faith in me when no-one else had. He said, “You’re just a late developer Dave, you will go far”. Well, I have not gone far in geographical terms, but in historical terms, I’m a real-time traveller, because here at Murton Park I have created a prehistoric settlement, a Roman fort, a Viking village, and a Tudor farm. Add to those a museum of 19th and 20th century farming equipment and a light railway, and you have a unique visitor attraction that has something for everyone. 

Of course, I have not done it all on my own, although I did build the first Viking longhouse myself, I now have an incredibly dedicated, highly skilled (but lowly paid) team to help realise my dream of bringing history to life for generations of kids young and old from all over the county.

I say kids young and old because every building here is run by re-enactors, grown-up kids who love to dress up as Roman soldiers, Viking warriors or Medieval farmers and pass on their passion for history to the next generation. History for us is not a dead subject, where you memorise dates of battles or political treaties for exams, but a living joyful experience with all the fun of the fair (yes we have one of those at Christmas as well), that will inspire children with a love of history to last a lifetime.  

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