Aultbea on Loch Ewe

Willie Watt: PPRIAS, Architect

This is one of those places up near the North Coast 500, which folk have no doubt been longing to visit for months. But we have to remember that it is also home to many, where normal life continues despite the influx of tourists.

I was drawn to this place because I have a firm memory of being there as a kid. I selected this view because of the grouping of buildings on the coast framing the village, with the view over the bay in front of the tumble-down byre to the left, with its rusty roof and marshy grass creating a focal point and the straggling village and mountains behind creating a characterful view.

I focussed on that and the rainy sky and have largely kept the rest of the drawing as a simple line and wash drawing. I used a biro and a fountain pen, which allowed me to create a variety of line weights. The ink was applied in drips on a watery wash, letting it run and moving the paper around ‘til it was really wet!

I keep saying I will go back to the Northwest at some point, and I hope that those of you who get there first enjoy it and take care of the landscape and the people.