Albert Bridge, London

Louisa Schmolke: Architect

This bench is only a five-minute walk from my desk, which makes for some chilled lunchtime sketching on the Chelsea Embankment. I like to step away from my desk at Foster + Partners, where I often draw digitally on the iPad, to keep up with my sketchbook work. I carry my little A6 Moleskine around London with me every day, capturing scenes and spending between five minutes and an hour on any specific view. I sketched the Albert Bridge in twenty minutes in the sunshine, using my favourite Pilot g-tec c4 pen, while listening to a podcast!

Throughout architecture school I have always understood the benefit of keeping a sketchbook to hand and would always suggest this to any architect/designer or student within design, as it can also be used as a tool for communication. I love the idea of being able to strongly communicate a design and story through hand drawing. The self-expression contained within a quick sketch should never be diminished or undervalued as digital drawing comes to the forefront.