Trafford, Manchester

Kal Gill-Faci- Architect

It is 7.30am and the middle of Summer 2020 and I’m out on my allotment, which is right next to my house; the kids are still fast asleep but the birds are singing their hearts out. I sip my hot mug of tea as I mentally prepare for another day in the life of an architect who wants to do good in the world.

Before I start to plan the day in my head (the to-do list never ends) I take a deep breath and appreciate the wonderful green private space I have and look up and see how freely the birds live. My place of sanctuary is my allotment; it nourishes my soul and calms my mind. It nourishes my family too: I can grow most things here, even dhaniya (coriander) to keep in touch with my Punjabi roots!

I became an architect because of my love for art and numbers. The world of creativity and reasoning collide when we design the ‘frozen music’ of architecture. I’ve been very fortunate to be involved in award winning multi-million pound projects in varying sectors. My proudest personal achievement was being Project Architect on the Leeds City Museum but I have a passion now to help others achieve their goals and make this world a better place. To this end I teach part-time at Manchester School of Architecture, helping people nourish their minds, and I reach out to the Community homeless charity and Old Trafford Foodbank to help people nourish their bodies.

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