My Street, Harrogate

Erin, Infant

I was so pleased to be invited to be the youngest ever participant in My Place. Although I may only be an infant, I’ve got plenty to say, and as my mum will tell you, it’s quite important, so listen up!

A few weeks ago, a man from the council turned up in my street and started looking at the plane trees. Mum was worried they were going to cut them down as they did in Sheffield. She said they would do it over her dead body, which made me cry because I don’t want any trees falling on her.

Then a bunch of council workmen turned up, but instead of cutting down our beautiful trees, they levelled and re-laid our pavements so that they are nice and smooth for my pushchair, and put these wooden barriers around the tree roots so that I won’t trip and fall when I start toddling. Grandad says that we must be on the route of the Cycling World Championships, but I think he must be joking because our street is a cul-de-sac.

Anyway, I am grateful to the council for looking after my trees, and I’m grateful to live in Harrogate which is full of trees that are so beautiful at the moment, all red and orange and brown. I just hope those council workmen don’t come back to clear up the dead leaves before I have a chance to play in them!

My Place is a section where people share places that are significant in their lives. If you would like to take part in My Place, simply email your photo and a text of up to 250 words to johnbrucemullin@hotmail.com

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