Mildrake Cottage, Harrogate

Camilla Cousins: Teacher

I graduated in Fine Art from York St. John University but being a teacher and a mother, I don’t have much time for my own work. However, I was recently given a tatty old doll’s house and saw its potential as an enchanted abode for an old crone. The project became a long and arduous labour of love, and the old crone came to life.
Cecilia Mildrake swept in from the howling wind, wringing her frozen gnarled hands and placing her tall black hat on its usual hook.

‘Well that walk’s blown the cobwebs away, Edgar!’ A large black beetle crawled over to her eagerly and she stroked his antennae. ‘Let’s stoke up the fire and get a pot on! The first snowdrops are out. I believe spring is upon us!’ She opened the container above the stove and took a spoonful of ground dandelion root and added boiling water.

Perhaps I will make a spring-cleaning potion to gather some of the cobwebs in the house!’ and with that she headed to the store cupboard and riffled through the untidy papers. 

‘Here we are, maybe we can hurry the bluebells along in the woods! I love to look out of the kitchen window and see a carpet of blue blooms!’ She unfurled one of the rolls of parchment and began to study the ingredients. ‘Now Edgar, do be a dear and fetch me the Plum infused Bourbon.’ The beetle scuttled away and returned moments later dragging the bottle behind him. He pulled out the cork and went to pour it in the cauldron, ‘Edgar! The first ingredient is tongue of newt! The bourbon is for me!’