Medway Yacht Club, Upnor

Ming Hang Henry Chung, Commercial Director

This is the place where I can reflect on all the things that are important in my life. I grew up in Hong Kong, a city that is surrounded by water. I started as a part-time lifeguard when I was attending Ashville College in Harrogate. Being in water swimming, or by water (I live by the river Medway), or on the water sailing with the Morning Star Trust, these are all experiences that have played an important part in my life. As soon as I’m afloat I can relax and stop thinking about work.

My wife is a water baby too. As children back in the seventies, we played together whenever our parents met up. I have a photo on the wall at home of us playing in the sand by a wrecked sampan on the beach in Hong Kong. And that, of course, is my other special place, because whenever I am back there with my parents I feel that is where I really belong, where I grew up and where time seems to have stopped since I came to the UK to study. Whenever I walk the riverbank I think of home and all the memories come flooding back.

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