Malton Brewery, N. Yorks

Harry Kinder: Partner

It’s not a beer to make Yorkshire puddings with, it’s Yorkshire pudding beer! There is half a Yorkshire pudding in each pint.

Our brewery is in Malton, which, as its name suggests, has been a centre of cereal production and brewing for centuries. No visitor to the town can miss the mural by the livestock market featuring the first ever Yorkshire pudding recipe by Hannah Glass in 1747. It was reading the recipe that gave my father the idea of a Yorkshire pudding beer.

Our first brew was made at Navigation Wharf in the summer of 2019 and once we advertised the beer it went mad, and we sold out in just a few hours. 

We are often asked if it tastes like Yorkshire pudding and the answer to that is yes and no. People’s palates differ, but we use 3500 real Yorkshire puddings in every brew and we get these from the Yorkshire Pudding Pie company just down the road. The beer itself tastes smooth and soft regardless of your palate and some people pick up a creaminess in the finish.

I came up from Derby after leaving school to help my dad with the business, but also to ride racehorses. Racing is Malton’s other industry and my passion. But racing has taken a terrible knock from the covid pandemic, and in any case, I have now grown too tall to be a jockey – too much Yorkshire pudding!