Phil Bixby, Architect

I did my degree in Architecture at South Bank Polytechnic and then my year out with the PSA in London, working on low energy housing, which really started me on my career path.

When Margaret Thatcher broke off her official tour at the Energy World Exhibition at Milton Keynes in 1986 to examine the house I had designed, which had been built entirely by trainees, it was a huge boost for my company. So in one sense that was my place, in that it had a very special significance for my career.

But in another sense this is my place. York is my home now, as I moved the practice first to Selby in search of cheaper land for building, and then to York, where I was fortunate to secure a dilapidated but beautiful house in an area suffering planning blight because of an inner ring road proposal, now mercifully forgotten.

And this house at Hob Moor is my place for a few more weeks until the owners move in. The couple have been the perfect clients – very quirky but totally committed to passive house principles, and the concept of the ‘smart’ home, with enough wiring for MI6! The couple are returning from Singapore to retire and make their home in York, so the whole build has been coordinated remotely through a computer link, with the manufacture of the bespoke design being done in a local factory, delivered to the site and erected in one and a half days.

There’s no place like home, and no other home like this place!

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