Claire von de Meden, Businesswoman

It was 1969, and my father had a teaching post in Zambia. During the holidays he enjoyed traveling around Africa and it was at this time, in beautiful Malawi, that my parents met.  I was born a few years later and as children we travelled a lot, so it seemed like a logical move to find a boarding school and we found Ashville College in Harrogate.  The years I spent there were incredibly formative, and I look back fondly on my time there.

After university I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for twenty years but I gave it up in the blink of an eye when I fell pregnant and my husband’s employers wanted him to return to his native Germany.  I am thankful that I could stay at home for my young family but four years and two kids later, my mind returned to thoughts of work. However, a different country, a different language to learn, and a long career break did not augur well. Hundreds of applications amounted to nothing and, honestly, my confidence took a big hit.

The place that I have chosen is the hills around Heubach.  I am here most mornings, running through vineyards, maize fields and forests. With such stunning views, it is impossible not to be feel uplifted and inspired.  It was here that I realized what I wanted to do.  I could use all my experience in pharmaceuticals and all those hours learning German to work for myself and be my own boss.

I wish I had figured it out sooner. I now sell all the products that promote my own health and wellbeing. I love these hills because that is where I found my inspiration.

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