Dalston Hall Holiday Park & Golf Club, Cumbria

Kelly Holder MA RCA, Car Designer.

I have a lot to thank my teachers for – they pushed my drawing skills, insisting on correct perspective and tight ellipses. With this I found that all I wanted to draw was cars. Every homework I would turn into a car and my GCSE work was a project on decaying rusty cars. Mr Mullin didn’t mind – he’s as much of a petrol head as I am.

I then went on to study at Coventry University for a BA in Automotive and Transport Design, and on graduation I immediately started an internship at SHADO Design in Devon, working on an electric car. It was great fun, but it was mostly interior design and it wasn’t until I started working for Jaguar Land-Rover that I was let loose on surface modelling for the Jaguar F-Pace and the Land-Rover Discovery. At the other end of the transport spectrum I went on to design caravans for Tripbuddy.

I now have my own consultancy, K Design, based in a unit on my family’s holiday park in Cumbria (very useful when designing caravans!) and I am involved in multiple projects, integrating artistic creativity, drawing and rendering skills and technological knowledge to solve my clients’ requirements for innovative, practical yet beautiful products. I live in a beautiful place too, but its relative remoteness is not a problem thanks to Zoom and my brilliant computer software.

Come and stay with us sometime. Play a little golf, enjoy historic Carlisle, our coast and countryside and a warm Cumbrian welcome. It’s a great place.