Nicola Wilkinson: Holistic Health & Fitness Specialist

After graduating with a first-class degree in Art History from The University of Manchester, I worked at Urbis, Manchester’s ground-breaking museum of urban design, and I was Executive Assistant to the Director when the city made the extraordinary decision to repurpose it as a football museum. During the several years which followed, exercise became my only escape from the stress of working in the corporate environment.

Eventually I decided it was time to redirect my life into something more spiritually fulfilling. The decision to leave England and sever all ties with the corporate world, in exchange for the unknown, was the best decision I ever made. My month-long immersion training as a Yoga teacher was a life changing experience and was followed by a year of travelling around the world, teaching Yoga and Pilates in luxury hotels in Malaysia and Indonesia; spending time in Sierra Leone teaching core strength sessions to the British Military and setting up a charity garden, before finally returning to England where I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

My place is any park, any garden, any place in nature anywhere in the world that is quiet and conducive to contemplation. My body and my mind are the only places I need to feel at home.