English National Ballet

Connie Dales: AoU Comms + Events Planner

When the new AoU team, myself included, got settled in the office, we had a clear out, during which we acquired a huge empty frame and decided we needed some artwork to adorn our blank wall. As a former art student, I was tasked with creating something bright, colourful, and ‘urbanism-y’.

A few months later, still struggling to decide what the subject of the art piece should be, the three of us had our first major AoU event as a team: the 2022 Urbanism Awards Ceremony at the English National Ballet’s Mulryan Centre for Dance on London City Island. A bright and striking structure, we agreed on it as the inspiration for our artwork, though we took some creative license with the colour scheme.

A year on from the 2022 Awards Ceremony, with the once new team now more firmly embedded, this artwork is a charming reminder of our first team ‘adventure’.