Carey Riall-Molter: Gallery Director

I began my art education at Ashville College under the guidance of John Mullin then continued my art path with a degree in Art History at Oxford Polytechnic. I admit to not putting the practical side of my art education to much use in the following years, other than a short-lived dabble in graphic design.

However, my interest in and love of art never faded and after I relocated to Ketchum, Idaho in 1995 I found employment in a local art gallery. I gained some experience there before being offered the position of Director in another, larger gallery in town. I have been with Kneeland Gallery ever since – in excess of 20 years!

Running a gallery and being surrounded by the amazing work of accomplished artists satisfied my artistic leanings until Covid came around and lockdown led me to pick up pencils and brushes again. I began to sketch friends’ animals and children in pencil and charcoal, as well as painting some of the scenes from my surrounding Idaho landscape in acrylic.

The scene depicted here is of the elk I see on an almost daily basis. Painting and drawing really helped me navigate the last two years and has reopened my eyes to the talent and dedication it takes to be a full time artist. I hope to continue creating myself, while representing the true professionals in my gallery.